Friday, May 16, 2008

Senator Ken Cuccinelli has endorsed rabid anti-gun Congressman
Frank Wolf over his Republican challenger Vern McKinley even
though McKinley has received a 100% rating from VGOC and
promised to sponsor the repealof the D.C. Gun Ban and National Park
Gun Ban.

Wolf as you know, even voted against being able to OWN a gun in
crime infested D.C. Wolf would rather guzzle tax payer dollars. He is
calling on the President to spend millions of dollars to study the
problem of crime.

Senator Cuccinelli clearly has sold out for Wolf's endorsement in his run
for AG in 2009.

Please take a moment and wipe the vomit off your shirt so that I can
suggest a course of action.

First, Ken has been a friend to gun owners in the past but is on a
predictable trajectory that is taught in the school of politics I attend
about how good guys are ALWAYS tempted to sell out in their quest
for higher office. If Senator Cuccinelli did not take gun owners for
granted and wanted to be politically wise he would have stayed neutral
and not have endorsed either Wolf or McKinley. He clearly fears Mr. Wolf's
wrath more than the wrath of gun owners.

Second, you and I will share the blame if we let Mr. Cuccinelli sell us
out without any action.

Third, this is not the first time Mr. Cuccinelli has attempted to sell
out gun owners.

Fourth, Mr. Cuccinelli backed off when Larry Pratt at Gun Owners of
America and I played Good Cop/Bad Cop and mobilized gun owners
to tell Mr. Cuccinelli to drop his plans to sponsor anti-gun legislation.
He listened and did so.

Fifth, Mr. Cuccinelli is taking your support for granted and assumes
you will do nothing as he sells us out to get Wolf's support.

Action Items:

1. Email Senator Cuccinelli at with a
CC: to and tell the ambitious Senator that
unless he withdraws his endorsement of anti-gun Congressman Wolf
in the same venue he gave it that he cannot expect any money or
support from you in the future. If you have never given money or
supported him tell him he will not have it unless he stops his anti-gun

2. Please email this email to all your family and pro-gun friends and
ask them email me at asking to join our email list.
We are headed into some VERY tough years. We need to grow
dramatically to do our part in mobilizing our lines of defense to STOP
an anti-gun President Obama or McCain - not to speak of the sell outs
of our so-called friends.

For Liberty,
Mike McHugh President, Virginia Gun Owners Coalition


P.S. It is not a pleasant task to confront politicians, especially
when they have been our friends in the past but the unwillingness
to do so is part of why we are losing our liberties at an increasing speed.

Duty belongs to us, the results belong to God - -
quote by John Quincy Adams, U.S. President and Congressman after
being arrested on the floor of the House for breaking the House
gag rule forbidding any discussion of slavery.

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