Monday, May 12, 2008

Reigning in the Power of the Federal Judiciary

Judges in the Federal Judiciary consistently decide cases over which they have absolutely no constitutional jurisdiction. Roe v. Wade is probably one of the best examples.

Ron Paul, candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, has written, "If the federal courts refuse to abide by the Constitution, the Congress should employ this constitutional remedy. By a simple majority, Congress could strip the federal courts of jurisdiction over abortion, thereby overturning the obviously unconstitutional Roe. At that point, the issue would revert to the states, where it constitutionally belongs, since no appeal to federal courts on the matter could be heard." (The Revolution A Manifesto).

Such legislation won't be forthcoming anytime soon. The great majority of our Senators and Congressmen are "sea anemones of virtue who can hardly wobble an antennae in the waters of negativity."

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