Thursday, May 08, 2008

Patty-Cake McCain

Senator John McCain is obsessed with running an "honorable campaign" this fall against the presumptive Democratic nominee, Barak Obama. He does not want to be accused of racism or of throwing mud.

This is exactly why John McCain will lose in November. The Senator wants to play the children's game of patty-cake. John McCain does not have the guts to fight a winning campaign.

He has no idea of the force with which operatives from the Obama campaign will attack him. He's in for a surprise.

Obama is beatable, but Senator McCain won't go on the offensive.

Senator McCain is no conservative. He's an establishment Republican that enjoys his access to the media, the powerful elite, and his friends in the Democratic Party. The great thing about this election is that it means McCain's political career is about over. He may serve a term or two yet in the Senate but his days as a politician are effectively over.

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