Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Scott Brown Election: Amalekites Beat the Philistines.

What was gained by the Republican win in Massachusetts?  We have another liberal, pro-abortion senator. He supports health care legislation, just not this particular legislation.

It does no good to vote the "lesser of two evils" if the end result is moving the ball towards the goalpost of more evil.

The conservatives and Christians who voted for Scott Brown have no principles above political expediency.  

If you want righteous government, then you either have to vote for a truly righteous candidate or you don't vote.  Quarter measures don't work. 

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Why Are Americans Sniveling Idolaters?

Americans are infatuated with big government.  There is a lot of incorrect analysis of this problem.  

The nature of the answer is religious. Slavery is inherent in the design of the world. We are either slaves to Christ or slaves to sin. It is only in slavery to Christ that political liberty and economic freedom are found. Christ saves us from our sins. He cleans us up and enables us to govern ourselves and put to death our sinful passions. When people govern their individual persons according to the Law of God, there is little need for an autocratic police state.

When people rebel against God and choose slavery to sin, He gives them over to their passions and appetites. The world becomes a mighty uncomfortable place when the sinful passions of men are not restrained. Sinful men think that liberty, freedom, and progress are to be found apart from God. No sooner do they reject the worship of the one true God, then they erect false gods and serve them.

Today we see the consequences. Men who will not be governed by God's law will be governed by their sinful passions. As men become given over to sin, they become incapable of governing themselves and turn increasingly towards tyrants that are quite ready and willing to govern with a heavy hand. The result is always the end of liberty and economic freedom and a headlong fall into the abyss of statism.

Don’t be surprised that the American people have an incomprehensible trust in government. It is the logical manifestation of their idolatry.