Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gun Owners: Prepare for the New Reality of DANGEROUS ID – The So-Called Real Scheme

Here is your future:

You walk into a gun store, fill out your 4473, and show your government ID just as you now do. But instead of looking at your license and taking down some information, the clerk runs the license (which is likely to contain a Spy Chip (i.e. RFID - radio-frequency ID chip) through a scanner. Your purchase is instantly recorded in your
state drivers’ license registry. The federal government isn’t currently allowed to keep a gun registry. But no problem; the Dangerous ID Act of 2005 gives them an open door into your state records.

Complete information on every firearm you buy will be instantly available to every police officer (and possibly every government employee, store clerk, or computer hacker) you ever encounter. You’ll be an instant criminal suspect every time you deal with someone who has access to the database.

Just as travelers are encouraged to get background checks and give fingerprints to avoid some of the worst excesses of TSA screening, gun owners will be encouraged to get background checks and give whatever biometric ID the Department of Homeland Security requires. This will be sold as a “benefit,” ensuring you’ll never again experience an “instant-check” delay. In fact, Congress, the ATF, or the FBI might even “mandate” 5-day or 15-day delays for anyone not enrolled in the “Trusted Firearms Buyer” program.

The private purchase “loophole” will be closed, so that all gun buyers must make tractable purchases. (The ultimate goal is for every purchase of every kind to be track able.) Buying ammo? The store scans your national ID card and — bingo! — your purchase is registered in the state database.

The federal government or state governments can now also _effectively_ legislate limits on the amount or kind of ammunition you’re “allowed” to purchase. Try to buy more and the database instantly rejects you. The federal government or state governments can now also effectively legislate limits on the number of guns you may own. Try to buy more, and the database rejects you.

Eventually — after the federal government “discovers” the obvious, that national ID won’t stop either illegal immigration or terrorism — the old attack on “evil guns” will resume.

When they want your .50 BMG they’ll know just where to find it (because the Dangerous ID act says your home address must be revealed). When they want your evil “scoped sniper rifle” (you know, the one you hunt deer with), they’ll know just how to get it. Ditto with you “Saturday Night Special” or your “semi-auto rifle.”

If you don’t surrender your guns, well, then the Department of Homeland Security will cut off your driving “privilege,” as well as your right to escape the growing police state via plane.

You will be a prisoner in your own home, in your own country. Or you’ll be forced to function as an outlaw, operating and living a precarious existence beneath the government radar.

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