Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Right Issue, Wrong Commodity

High oil prices reflect a supply and demand problem in the market. The only problem is people pick on the wrong commodity. There don't seem to be shortages of oil.

The problem is that the dollar under the Bush Administration has fallen about 50 percent. There are an over supply of dollars in the market with no comparable demand for dollars.

To reduce the price of oil the dollar needs to be strengthened. That means Congress needs to stop deficit spending and the Federal Reserve needs to raise interest rates to at least 25%.

This would drive the economy into a deep recession and dry up easy credit as we know it. The only other plan of attack is to hyper-inflate the currency...which will drive prices to unbelievable levels. But this is the most likely exit that the Federal Reserve and Congress will take. "Inflate of Die!" is the unspoken motto of the Fed.

Remember the Fed has only two weapons in its arsenal: Inflation and Blarney. Every fiat currency system ends in hyper-inflation. The dollar won't be any different. What a joke our nation has become.

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