Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Evil Schemes And The Merchants Of Debt

Hans Schicht

Evil Schemes And The Merchants Of Debt - In the light of the mention on the web of possible nationalization of the US precious metal mines, there are easier ways for a government to get possession of the nations gold rather than by expensive, inefficient, bureaucratic, and cost inflating nationalization.

In order to make good for the "deep storage" bullion of Fort Knox, not accounted for, the most subtle course of action for the US government will be to establish a Federal Gold Bank, under the Federal Reserve, to which all the US gold mines will be obliged to surrender their production against a, by the government established, price.

Internationally, in order to protect their own respective gold hoards in their national interest, most other nations, "guided" by their Central Banks, will most likely replicate the US action. In such way the Central Bank Cartel will keep the bulk of the world's gold stock under its control. Against freely competing gold outside their control the Central Banker's fiat paper scam would not survive for long and they know it!

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