Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Elections of 2006

I am delighted that the Republicans have finally lost power. I am however, very saddened that the Democrats have won control of Congress.

The Republicans have been an embarrassment to this nation and the world. They have spent this country deeply into debt. They have not been a check on President Bush who is a dictator and a scofflaw. Republicans have greatly increased the size, power, and scope of the federal government.

They were elected in 1994 to reduce the size of government. They have not done so. Shame on the Republicans.

The Democrats will be no better. They will continue to promote envy and coveteousness. They will steal from one class of people and redistribute it, first to themselves and finally to their constituencies.

Both political parties in this country are corrupt. Unfortunately they merely reflect the values of the people of this country who are just as corrupt and immoral.

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