Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pigs in Congress

Here is a copy of a letter that I wrote to the Roanoke Times. It was printed.

Dear Editor

Congressman Goodlatte recently introduced legislation to establish the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library (HR 4846) and issued a press release to let us know that the Committee on Government Reform unanimously passed his bill.

I am not inclined to share in Congressman Goodlatte's enthusiasm.

It was under President Wilson that we got the nightmare called the income tax.

Additionally, under President Wilson the Federal Reserve Bank was created. The Fed has destroyed the value of the dollar by creating excessive amounts of money and credit out of thin air. This has enabled greedy politicians like Congressman Goodlatte to spend foolishly and expand the scope and power of the federal government well beyond its Constitutional boundaries.

As the purchasing power of our pieces of paper declines and prices keep rising, let us not stupidly complain. After all we have ourselves to thank. We elected these morons to Congress.

Perhaps the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library is not a bad idea. It will stand as a witness, testifying of our own insatiable appetite for plundering the public Treasury.

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