Saturday, December 24, 2011

Where is the Repentance?

The reason why the Ron Paul campaign will fail is that there is zero repentance going on in this country. There is no forsaking of sin and turning to God in humility. There is no bewailing our personal and national sins and seeking God's pardon. God is not going to deliver Christians for an authoritarian state through a relatively pain free political process.

We're going to have to slog through authoritarianism, chains, imprisonment, hunger, and poverty until we learn to repent, stop worshiping the state, and obey God. When a future generation recovers that, then political freedom and economic liberty will naturally follow. Some of us are trying to jump to the resurrection and bypass the cross. That is backwards. First the cross, then the resurrection.

This generation is firmly and contentedly in Egypt. There are a few like Moses who accurately discern the times and might seek to deliver the people as Moses prematurely did by killing the Egyptian. Such people will have to wait, perhaps humbly enduring 40 years of shepherding sheep. There may be pockets of relative freedom and liberty that cannot be fully crushed by the state. These may keep the fires burning and as a witness against the culture.

Until then, strap in. It is going to get rough.

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